Library of Congress announces its RDA training plans

Library of Congress has announced: “LCs partner national libraries (U.S.: National Agricultural Library and National Library of Medicine; and non-U.S.: British Library, Library & Archives Canada, Deutsche Nationalbibliothek, and National Library of Australia) have been apprised of our plan and also intend to target the first quarter of 2013 as their RDA implementation date, i.e., between January 2 and March 31, 2013.”

LC’s training plan may be found here.  Please feel free to comment on this plan and its impact on Canadian libraries.







2 thoughts on “Library of Congress announces its RDA training plans

  1. Well, after a first glance it looks like Library & Archives Canada better get a training plan in place ASAP if they don’t already have one. They are going to be dealing with a lot of RDA records in a year. I really like the way they’ve got the long-term training broken down. The modules make a lot of sense, and I also like that they will be reinforcing the training after the RDA implementation.

    I’m really interested in which direction the Dalhousie Libraries will swing!

  2. These modules may make a good template for local library systems to use, since once LC switches to RDA, it’s likely that vendors will, too.

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