Mobile apps: What not to do

If you are like me, you juggle an increasing number of apps on your mobile devices. I tend to have a love-hate relationship with apps: On the one hand, I love playing with new apps, and particularly those that are related to helping one organize tasks. I’m one of those hyper-organized people who loves having lists, calendar reminders, and so forth. Ironically, I probably don’t need apps to help keep me organized, but I can’t help but want to download them. On the other hand, my love of organization apps means that I have too much information scattered in different places. I download a number of apps because I often become dissatisfied with the quality and functions of individual apps, which means I load them with content, then realize that they don’t work too well, which results in deletion of the app, and starting over with another one. Plus, of course, I’m always on the lookout for the new and improved app, which creates another vicious circle. I feel compelled, also, to keep abreast on new apps as part of my role as an instructor in the field of records and information manager. This post discusses common pitfalls to avoid in the design of apps: I recognize most of them.


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