Information chaos vs. information opportunity

AIIM  has published a report titled Information chaos v. information opportunity: THE information challenge for the next decade. The report can be downloaded here. The report notes that:

Information is everywhere and it is poorly (if at all) managed. Amidst all of this opportunity, organizations are drowning in a sea of content and information. File servers are overflowing and multiplying, making it difficult for anyone to find anything. Information is leaking out of the organization at every turn. If information silos in our existing solutions weren’t bad enough, we now have our content popping up in new silos in cloud applications that are beyond the reach of our conventional information governance frameworks (and that’s even assuming our employees are using a company approved cloud provider and not their own).

The report provides 34 strategies that organizations can implement to make better use of their information assets. The Slideshare presentation below provides a summary. Information Managers are essential to turning our information chaos into information opportunities.





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