Paper notebooks

I am what I would call a gadget person, particularly if those gadgets are electronic. I prefer to take notes electronically (usually via OneNote), as I can sync those notes across all my devices and have easy access to them. On the other hand, I love fountain pens, so a good notebook is a must. I tend to use notebooks to jot down notes as I read  items, or work on research papers; these are not normally notes that have lasting value. This post provides a detailed discussion of various types of notebooks that one can buy. Since I use fountain pens, the quality of the paper is the most important feature I look for in a notebook; I have found that many notebook paper does not allow for the smooth flow of ink from the pens’ nibs. The best paper for fountain pens is produced by Clairefontaine; I am fortunate that a locally-owned stationary store carries Clairfontaine notebooks (they are bound with string, which makes them very durable). This brand is on the expensive side, but works like a dream with fountain pens.


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