Google docs templates

I have been using Google docs for a number of years; while the online version of Word does not have the full functionality of the desktop version (in particular, the ability to use the citation manager), I am impressed with the growing number of templates that are available for use. From a teaching perspective, I like the APA Report Template (APA is the required citation format in my program). The template shows how to format paragraphs, headings, and sub-headings:





Most importantly, it provides an example for the proper citation format (unfortunately, it does not provide examples of in-text citations). Helping students to use proper citation format is always a challenge, so this template might be particularly helpful:


All our students have access to Office 365 and online Word products via the University, but these products don’t have these templates. I will most certainly recommend Google docs to my students when I return from my Sabbatical in the Fall term.









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