Google, Apple, and Yahoo moving away from passwords

This article discusses efforts made my Google, Apple, and Yahoo to move away from password sign ins.  Passwords are often poorly structured and hard to remember; I know that many people use the same password for different sites for the sake of convenience. I could not keep track of my passwords without LastPass. Biometrics is certainly a growing area. I secure my smartphone, tablet, and laptop with my fingerprint. This system is more secure than a password, of course. I find it works well, although I often have to swipe my thumb more than once to unlock the device; if I have any body lotion or moisture on my skin, for example, the device cannot read my fingerprint. There is a backup password for your fingerprint if, say, you injured your finger and are wearing a bandage, plaster, and so forth. Retinal scanning would be more convenient, but we’re not there yet. I know that you can use voice or photo recognition via Windows Hello, but I still prefer to use my fingerprint, as I think it’s less amenable to distortion. I am prone to throat infections, for example, so I don’t think that Windows Hello could manage access when I have laryngitis.


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