Calculating the value of information

This article makes some very good points about the need for records and information management professionals to make a strong case to senior management about the value of information.  The author states that RIM professionals often lose the opportunity to convince senior management about the importance of information management because their focus is on compliance, rather than on what value information has for the organization:

What I find is that they often don’t consider how they waste their few chances to do so, usually by leading their pitch with the need for compliance, or system features. Senior managers have to juggle a large number of obligations and demands on their attention, and they will quickly tire of someone who keeps reappearing, only to tell the same story repeatedly.

The author points out areas of value in which information adds value that RIM professionals can focus on:

  • recruitment
  • contract management
  • any approval process that includes multiple authorisations
  • meeting management
  • workers’ compensation claims
  • asset recording and verification
  • customer complaint handling
  • enrolments
  • employee performance management
  • case management
  • procurement




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