Information Management and Libraries – Predictions for 2016

This post from Outsell discusses the challenges and opportunities for information managers and librarians in 2016. The report emphasizes in particular these three trends:

  • Demand for friction-free access will grow: The pressure of an ever-increasing millennial workforce that relies heavily on their mobile devices, as well as the overall growth of mobile usage, is forcing information managers and solution providers to provide any time, any place, and any device access to content.
  • Opportunities for data management abound: The burgeoning of data – from myriad sources like websites, social media, advertising, connected devices, sales figures, research efforts, consumers, etc. – means that information managers, like everyone else, need to get a seat at the table
  • Uncertain times necessitate strong leadership: In some ways, libraries (public, academic, corporate, and government) in the digital era are experiencing an identity crisis. Is there a need for a physical space, coordinated collections, or a suite of info-related services when every knowledge worker has a powerful computer in his/her pocket? What will the future of the library be and how should a library respond to meet that future? Where are the opportunities for libraries in the research lifecycle, whether it is scholarly, product-driven, or commercially focused? 

The post concludes with the following observation: Successful and thriving libraries are the ones that are constantly looking for new opportunities, pushing themselves out of their comfort zones by taking on new dimensions, and not maintaining the status quo. Identifying and capitalizing on current trends like ease of access, data management, or forging a leadership profile, and making strategic changes part of the library DNA, can go a long way toward ensuring success.


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