11 information disaster risks

This article from Redpill Linpro discusses 11 information disaster risks, and the was in which proper document management can help avoid them. The built-in slides could make a useful teaching tool in my Records Management class.  The risks are:

  1. Increasing use of digital records
  2. The lack of information hubs
  3. The quantity of information produced
  4. The lack of proper document management tools
  5. Inefficient searching
  6. Interdependence of internal and external parties
  7. Different levels of authority
  8. Materials from external parties
  9. Multiple access points
  10. Different document formats
  11. Velocity of information

This is not a complete list, of course, since it doesn’t mention matters such as security, human error, and so forth, but this company produces document management software, so the emphasis of the 11 items is understandable.


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