10 Google Docs hacks for teachers

I tend to go back and forth between OneDrive and Google Drive, since I have 4 accounts with both (2 personal, and 2 professional). I do create documents in both environments, although sometimes I do prefer to use the desktop Office products, as they have greater functionalities (e.g., managing citations).  Collaborative work is facilitated in both environments, although you do need to pay attention to version control. This article provides some useful tips for how to better use the features of Google Docs:

  1. Conversion of Word documents to Google Docs format
  2. Offline editing (very important when working on the go)
  3. Version restoration
  4. Emailing attachments
  5. Voice typing (I am impressed with its accuracy)
  6. Web embedding of Google Docs (I have not yet tried this)
  7. Embedded search (e.g., Google Scholar)
  8. Create tables of content
  9. Equation toolbar
  10. Language translation

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