Rogers, Telus await landmark ruling on cellphone privacy

According to today’s Globe and Mail, an Ontario court is set to issue what could be a landmark ruling on a Charter of Rights challenge filed by two of Canada’s biggest wireless carriers over “tower dump” production orders that would have required the companies to turn over personal information of about 40,000 customers.

Since I’m a Rogers wireless customer, it’s comforting to know that these companies challenged 2014 production order from Peel Regional Police obtained production orders requiring the two companies to provide communication records related to 21 cellular towers or sites.  Rogers and Telus argued that complying with the order would have resulted in the disclosure of customer name and address information for more than 9,000 Telus subscribers and more than 30,000 Rogers subscribers.

Rogers: We want to ensure our customers’ privacy rights are protected and there are clear ground rules for what law enforcement is able to request and access… [our] policy is only to share customer information when required by law or in emergency situations. This case did not meet the test for us and we are hopeful the court agrees. As am I.


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